Saturday, January 31, 2009

Breznik vs. Lewis: Who's Bigger?

23 year Austrian Tony Breznik fronting for Ultimate Nutrition versus 25 year old Welshman Flex Lewis manning the Gaspari Nutrition booths at last weekend's Fit Expo.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Mohammad Bannout: 7th

Arguably one of the best conditioned competitors at the Ironman was 7th place finisher 32 year old, 5'11" Mohammad Bannout from Lebanon with his "ridiculously shredded and striated muscle [which] served as an in-your-face pointer for his fellow competitors" or so said the guys at Muscletime.

As a light heavy at his first major international contest, the 2007 World Amateur Championships, Mohammed was moved up to 3rd (from 5th) when Tareq Jaafar (Bahrain) and Anwar El Sayed (Egypt) were both disqualified.

Mohamad Bannout's cousin is actually the 1983 Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout, who helped his cousin prepare for his first professional bodybuilding competition. Good job!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hidetada Yamagishi: 4th

Evan Centopani had him in the top three, Lee Priest didn't think he was good enough for the top five, so fourth seems like a good compromise for Hide, plus he's now qualified for 2009 Olympia. So for those times when only black and white shots will do, here you go:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tony Breznik: 2008 Mr. Austria

Another "Austrian Oak," 23 year old, 5'8" Anton "Tony" Breznik, the 2008 Mr. Austria has been at Gold's Hollywood the last few days. Once a professional ice hockey player (with Team VSV from the city of Villach) Tony started competition level bodybuilding when he was just 19 after a knee injury forced him into early retirement. In November of 2005 he won the overall title at the Austrian Junior Championships at the Wells International Cup. Three years, and 40 extra pounds, later Tony entered the 2008 European Amateur Championships, where he placed 10th in the heavyweight class and then won the 2008 Mr. Austria title in November.

At Gold's this week he was been christened "The Giant Man" appearing to be twice as wide as he is tall and dwarfing all the other competition (Mike Ergas included).

Saturday, January 24, 2009

2009 Ironman Prejudgung

So today's the day, we'll soon know who's going to win tonight's 20th anniversary Ironman Pro. will have it's FREE Live Webcast of the finals tonight at 8pm PST.

And with Eddie Abbew, Mohammad Bannout, Moe El Moussawi, Silvio Samuel, Hidetada Yamagishi and top vote getter on the site poll Ronny Rockel all getting called out for the first comparison at this morning's prejudging, it looks like Ronny might well win his first major pro show.

Over at the MD Forums Live Play-by-Play commentator Flex Wheeler has described the top six like so:

Eddie Abbew, England:
Dream Tan YUK! He's is in shape, tight and big! Pecs striated, steamlined from yrs past. Consistantly getting better

Mohammad Bannout, Lebanon:
In good condition! Calves are "Suspect" BIG ARMS!!!!! Great Lat spread, Hams are the "Sickest" I've seen in a while! Hams are RIPPED!!!! Great detail, needs more Back thickness, Great showing for Rookie Pro! Arms, Delts are very impressive! WOW!

Mo El Moussawi, New Zealand:
Light in color, Glutes cut, off from a year ago. He is Bigger, lat spread looks good, Biceps are HUGE! The added size took away some of the conditioning, it could work against him. Front Dbl Bicep is the best we've seen yet! The film of water could hold him down.

Ronny Rockel, Germany:
Looks Thick and in Shape! Abs are dialed in, color is on, Side Shots are very muscular! Hams came in, peak a boo XMAS Tree in lower back. Back Double Bi is Olympian in appearance! Tough guy, should cause some problems for the guys tonight!

Silvio Samuel, Spain:
El Matador! Great standing relax shot. Hard, separated, control over his poses. Pecs are split, triceps and shoulders are split up. Serratus are peeled! Hams are slight, vascular in appearance, back Dbl Bi is on! Calves need more size and rear lat needs some work. Abs shot best in show!
My pick to win #1!

Hidetada Yamagishi, Japan:
After a yr off, he held some good size. Could be harder, calves are big, Tight in the glutes and lower back. Could be thicker but detail is close to 90%. Delts and Pecs stand out.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Oli, Marcus and Hide

Oliver Adzievski taken by upcoming bodybuilder and model Binais Begovic on Sunday the 18th at Fullerton's Koloseum Gym (click on over to the Swedish Body Magazine forum to see more). Marcus Haley looking thick on the 19th, Hidetada Yamagishi taken three days out just yesterday the 21st at, I believe, Gold's in Venice. And let's finish with even more of Oli also taken yesterday.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Oliver Adzievski: 9 Days Out

Oliver Adzievski, the 5'9" 36 year old, originally from Bitola, Macedonia currently lives in Sweden. Competing around 220lbs Oliver earned his pro card at the 2003 NutritionOutlet Grand Prix. He placed 13th at his last Ironman in 2006, but didn't place at the New York or Colorado pros that year, at all during 2007, and then only 9th (of 12) at the 2008 New Zealand Grand Prix.

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