Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jari Mentula: 7 Weeks Out

Finnish pro bodybuilder Jari "The Bull" Mentula seven weeks out from his next contest, the Tampa Bay Pro:

The 5'9" 33 year old didn't place at the New York Pro back in May, but he is one big thick boy with a contest weight of around 270lbs. Off season he is close to 300lbs. His size and thickness is derived in part from being a competitive strongman, having won the 2008 WPC European Cup (the 140kg/309lb class) in Vienna with a personal best of 700lbs. Here he is back in May:

Monday, June 29, 2009

Jiří Borkovec: 2009 Musclemania

Czech Jiří Borkovec placed second in the heavyweight class at the 2009 Musclemania Universe in Miami, FL on June 20th. The married 22 year old weighed in at 211lbs for the contest, deciding to compete in the open category rather than the juniors. Back in 2007 Jiří won the Junior class at the Musclemania Superbody, in 2006 he won Bohemia Juniors Nationals and he was the Czech Republic Teenage Nationals champ in 2004.

Jiří was a little upset at his placing, but due to the stress of the long journey to the US he did not feel 100%. And the guy who beat him, Antwaun Smith, ultimately won the overall. Oh, well he can be found over at Muscle Gallery until he competes again in the US.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Armon Adibi by Day

Relatively recent pictures of Armon by New York photographer Rick Day. Day has a coffee table book called Players and a 2010 calendar currently available.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Josh Bergeron: Southern Classic

Second in the heavies at the 26th Annual 2009 NPC Southern Classic Bodybuilding Championships Josh Bergeron lost to eventual overall champion Will Hamilton by just a single point. Josh had recently won his weight class at the Junior USA, where Will placed several places behind him in 4th.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Jonathan Delarosa: Champion!

Comments during the light-heavy callouts and then the final summation from MD's Play-by-Play with Shawn Ray and Mike Liberatore:

"Looks like he may have this class from here! Balance, Dark and conditioned. Very "Vic Martinez" like structure. His condition needs to be sharper but his shape might carry him here, will see............." ~ Shawn Ray

"Great shape, still needs to be harder. Could use another coat of color. His shape carries him." ~ Mike Liberatore

"While Jon Delarosa had the best Overall Package, he is dripping with "Potential & Youth!" A year ago this guy didn't make the top 10 of the Atlantic States Championships and turns his world upside down by putting his nose to the grind stone for a year and returns this past May to win the same show and advance to Chicago for the Lt Hvy Title and Overall Victory! Nothing short of amazing but a true test of Will and Fortitude! Jon was not someone that was considered a Front Runner to win either of these shows coming into this year which makes this feat even more impressive to all those in attendance! Jon built himself an indestructible TEAM with his father, Victor and other guys who wanted this kid to become a Champion Bodybuilder. Now, he has the time to reevaluate what he has accomplished, smell the Roses so to speak for a bit and if he is smart, train closer to his "Contest Weight" and return next Summer or Fall for the USA or National Title. Me personally, if I were Jon, I'd set my sites on the Nationals which then would allow his body sufficient time for rest , recovery and growth. His muscles will mature and he will will be more dangerous on the road to a Pro Card but it will be his decision as many felt while he won, he will need to be "Harder and more Detailed" to battle the Big Boys for a Pro Card!" ~ Shawn Ray

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Day in the Life of Fouad: June 23

Seven weeks out from the Tampa Pro and the food cravings have finally hit Fouad...

"Don't ever let anyone tell you what we bodybuilders do is easy, even if it looks that way from the outside looking in. When its done properly and pushed to the very limits it can be one of the hardest jobs on earth. All that being said I wouldn't trade it for the world! My dad was a blue collar man and if anything when I work this hard it makes me feel like him. That makes me proud..."

Check out his blog!

Armon Adibi: 11 Weeks Out

Armon Adibi, the 5'9" 25 year old from Dallas competed as a light-heavy at the 2008 Junior Nationa;s (placing 3rd) and then as a heavyweight at the LA Championships (placing 2nd). He is currently getting ready for the North Americans in Cleveland at the end of August. Seen below in the pictures at 11 weeks out, if he can pull it together and get as ripped and vascular as he is in the videos below Armon is going to be a real contender!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dennis James: Classic vs. States

"The Menace" guest posing again, this time at the NPC Southern Classic back on June 6th in Jackson, MS, not long after his 40th birthday. Below the first 4 pics of Dennis at the Classic are some comparisons shots of Dennis guesting a year ago at the 2008 NPC Southern States. The 5'8" mass monster came 2nd at the New York Pro earlier this year, up from a 7th place finish at the Arnold. Up next, I believe, is the Tampa Pro in August.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dennis James: Chattanooga

The monstrous IFBB pro Dennis "The Menace" James guest posing on June 13th at the 4th Annual NPC "Battle at the River" Bodybuilding Championships in Chattanooga, TN. Both the open and junior categories were won by the heavyweights, the open by William "Benny" Blair (who placed 6th as a light-heavy at the Jr. USA in May), and the junior by Trey Smith (videos below). Complete results from the contest can be found here and the photos here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Zinjun Croon: Heavyweight, 1st

The 5'11" 24 year old used to compete as a super-heavy, weighing in at 240lbs for the 2007 NPC Nationals where he didn't place and 236lbs at the 2008 NPC USA Championships where he came in 14th. Dropping down to a mere 220lbs helped he place 7th as a heavyweight at the 2008 Nationals and now, of course, he's just won the class at the 2009 Jr. Nationals.

Zin is a student at University of Las Vegas - Nevada, likes shopping and taking care of his pitbull, Slash:

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