Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jose & Hide: Atlantic City Pro Seconds!

While Flex Lewis and Gustavo Badell, two very deserving and worthy competitors, respectively won the 202 and Open last evening in Atlantic City my picks for the wins would have been Jose Raymond and Hidetada Yamagishi!

During the Play-by-Play over at RxMuscle John Romano thought that "Jose Raymond is one thick dude! Brick hard but lacks a little detail. Everything else looks good. Glutes are striated - we know someone who would like that!" while Dave Palumbo wrote that Jose had "thick muscle…good delts and chest…condition is great…top contender today." Shawn Ray over on MD's forum wrote that Jose was "Very Thick and Muscular! Vascularity is crazy!! Big Ass thighs! Side tri and Glutes are ripped. Wide back! very competitive here and better than Europa Pro."

Shawn Ray wrote that Hide had "Nailed it here! Good overall look. Color spot on! Posing is great, crowd likes him. Slight film of H2O, impressive back shot! Lower Back Peek a boo XMAS Tree. Side shots are looking grat! Quads could use more separation! Nice job for his 4th pro Show of the year already Qualified 3 times for the Mr. O in 2 weeks!" Palumbo thought he was "shredded....tiny waist....great tan....ripped...glutes and hams can be drier...harder from the front than back....great arms" and Romano said "Hide has some sick color.... I've seen him crisper though - especially in the glutes and hams."

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