Saturday, October 31, 2009

Osama Ayoub: World Junior Champ

Osama Ayoub from Egypt, was the Junior Men's over 75kg and Overall Champion at the 2008 World Juniors and Masters Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships (which was held in Plzeƈ in the Czech Republic). Tonight he is going up against Russian wunderkind Alexey Lesukov at the Body-Xtreme International in Frankfurt, Germany where Olympia contender Phil Heath will also be guest posing.

Here is Osama in 2008:

Here he is in this hotel room shortly before the contest:

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hollywood Gold's: Scott Godgluck

Back in July at the Los Angeles Championship another of Gold's private personal trainer's Scott Godgluck won the Novice middleweight class, placed 5th in the 40+ division and 9th in the Open middleweight class. The 45 year old Wisconsin born owner of SG Fitness weighs in at 174lbs at 5'4.5" (the half is important) and is planning on competing in his second contest, the Orange County Classic in 2010.

Oh, and Scott has also flirted with some modeling, this time for Gorilla Beach Productions.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hollywood Gold's: Rich Piana

It's amazing what a long break from competing will do for you.

One of Gold's private personal trainers, 39 year old Rich Piana, won the overall championship at the Border States Classic XXX in San Diego the weekend before last. The 6' super heavy last competed at the 2004 NPC National Championships where he placed 6th and weighed in at 251lbs.

Piana, a stuntman on Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes, Bodybuilder #2 on a Malcom in the Middle episode, and Zack Braff's alter ego on Scrubs

Rich Piana on Scrubs by Tech9

competed at the USA's twice and the Nationals a total of three times, though 6th in 2004 was his highest placing. As shown by the pictures below, particularly the bottom two from the 2004 Nationals, that Rich has spent the intervening years adding to his impressive range of body art.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hollywood Gold's: Vladimir Sizov

You may have seen Vladimir Sizov on NBC's summer celeb-reality series Celebrity Circus, where he starred as one of the circus trainers and performance partners to the "stars."

Born in Moscow, Sizov became involved in gymnastics at seven years old. In 1988 he won first place at the USSR gymnastic championship in the team competition. A couple of years later, when he turned 20, Sizov ran away to join the circus (the Moscow Circus) and performed on the high bar for the next five years.

In 1995 he moved to Las Vegas to perform in Mystere one of the Vegas Cirque Du Soleil shows, and again spent the next five years flying through the air during his high bar trapeze act.

Since leaving the circus Sizov the 5'9" 39 year old has competed as a heavyweight bodybuilder at the Junior Nationals, Nationals and USAs. Last July he earned 2nd at the Los Angeles Championships, and then the following week placed 4th in his class at the 2009 NPC USA Championships weighing 217lbs.

Sizov was one of the supporting cast members at The 2008 Tour of Gymnastics Superstars and is another one of those NorthAmericanBodies boys.

And he looks MASSIVE in person!

In the excerpt below Vladimir trains biceps from the DVD - Guns Vegas 2008 Vol. 1:

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