Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cedric McMillan: Nationals Champ!!!

Super heavyweight Cedric McMillan before winning his class, and overall championship, last weekend at the NPC Nationals in Hollywood, Fl:

For this 6'1" monster from South Carolina, this was his third overall win in a row. Starting with his NPC South Carolina State win in 2007, McMillan went on to win the Junior USA in 2008, and now in 2009 he has won the Nationals and his IFBB pro card.

McMillian has won every class division he has entered, the 2003 Palmetto cup where he was the Novice overall champ, he was the 2003 South Carolina State junior heavyweight winner, and then in 2005 the Carolina Clash open heavyweight winner. Seems like he is destined to be a hard to beat pro!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kevin Gribbin: Barbarian?

First place heavyweight winner at the 2007 Musclemania Superbody, 6'2" 27 year old 225lbs Kevin Gribbin, brother of Matthew, originally from Long Island, and friend of a friend of a friend... and, apparently he recently met with the casting people of the new Conan movie (to be directed by Marcus Nispel, director of the recent Friday the 13th remake).

Casting info on Conan can be found here, while more info on Kevin can be found at Repetrope, NorthAmerican and ModelMayhem.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Tamer El Guindy: Light Heavy, 3rd

Tamer El Guindy, brother of Terrick (who used to work at Gold's Hollywood, but is now at the one in Culver City), who at 5'7" 32 years old and 186lbs won his class at the NPC USA's in July, but then surprisingly (and maybe unfairly) was not awarded one of the pro cards given out at the contest (the recipients were overall champ Alvisi, super heavy Atoyan and middleweight Daryl Gee) despite his nigh-on perfect conditioning, certainly one of the most conditioned, if not the best at the championships. Tamer was however the consummate professional when talking about the decision with MD's Flex Wheeler and Shawn Ray, and then pretty much was straight back to the grind:

The Razor, as he is known for his superb conditioning, has steadily progressed in the USAs over the last few years, alternating between a middleweight ('05 and '07) and a light-heavy ('06 and '08). Early in his bodybuilding career when he lived in Seattle he competed at the Emerald Cup, placing 2nd in 2004.

Check out more pics of this pro in the making here or here and then visit Tamer's website by clicking here.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Branden Ray: Light Heavy Winner?

Branden Ray, one of the top contenders for the Light Heavies (176 1/4lbs t0 198 1/4lbs) at the Nationals this weekend!

After prejudging last night this is what the guys from the MD Play-by-Play with Shawn Ray (SR) and Mark Alvisi (MA) said of the likely top 4:

Branden Ray:
MA: great balance and overall shape, good fullness, just not hard as some of the other guys especially from the rear.
SR: Big and Full but lacking separation needed to win here especially from the rear. Bad back lat spread. Needs thickness and detail from the rear where these shows are won and lost. Hams need detail! Greta structure but two different people from the front to back.

Al Aguste:
MA: Looks great overall very good shape, muscular!
SR: This guy could win this class! A darkhorse missing his peak in the past nailed it here!

Seth Feroce:
MA: Great balance and muscularity! Great shape, conditioning is on! Back is Shredded!
SR: The more he poses the bestter he looks! Good calves, hard overall, chest a bit shallow but very impressive!

Tamer El Guindy:
MA: Good legs, good separation, harder on the bottom than the top, needs more fullness up top!
SR: Flat from the back, a film of water over the upper body! Quads ripped but a bit on the thin side.

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