Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Neale Cranwell: Tattooed Brit

Neale Cranwell from Waltham Abbey in Essex is the reigning 2009 WPF Heavyweight Mr. Universe, a title he won last November in Campobasso, Italy. Though he did loose the overall to the super heavy from South Africa, Vos Heinrich, the 33 year old personal trainer and owner of Krunch Gym, Cranwell's Universe win was his third in a row in 2009! In October he was named the UKBFF Midlands Heavyweight champ and then earlier in November he became the British NAC Heavyweight winner. He was also invited to compete at the 2009 Vitalmax Czech open:

After a serious motorbike accident about 5 years ago, which left him paralysed for 48 hours, Cranwell refocused on his bodybuilding and went on to win the 2006 Mr. Titan competition (a title he held for 2 years).

Having competed in the ANB, WABBA, NABBA, UKBFF and NAC divisions Cranwell plans on competing with the British Team at both the European Championships and the World Championships in 2010.

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