Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Whatever Happened to: Aaron Maddron

When he won the super heavy and overall championship title at the 1999 NPC Nationals it seemed like Medford, Oregon's Aaron Maddron, then 28, had a promising IFBB future ahead of him when he won his pro card at that year's championship.

At 5'11" and 249lbs, with his own series of Personal Workout (and posing) tapes produced by East Coast Muscle over at USA Muscle, Aaron made his pro debut at the 2000 Toronto Pro, where he placed a respectable 10th in his first pro show.

Aaron continued to compete through 2004, though his highest placing was only 9th (at the 2001 San Fran pro) and he finished with a distant 17th at the 2004 GNC Show of Strength.

With the likes of Mark Dugdale, Derik Farnsworth, Johnnie Jackson, Jeff Schwartzer, Troy Alves and Craig Richardson (to name but a few from the '99 Nationals) all still competing it seems odd that Aaron decided to retire from the sport without really cracking the top spots. Maybe with his blond "pretty boy" looks, he was just too similar looking to bad boy Craig Titus who generally placed better than him at the time. But you know Aaron would have made a prefect He-Man in the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie.

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