Sunday, February 28, 2010

Richie Daggs: Arnold Amateur

34 year old, 5'6" Richie Daggs a personal trainer from Saratoga Springs, NY will be competing as a light-heavy in Columbus. Here he is back on January 30th 4 weeks out from the competition:

Richie has been competing for a while, mostly as a welterweight, with his first competition the 1996 ANBC Battle of Saratoga which he won. In 2001 he won the class at the MuscleMania Superbody and then in 2002 at the MuscleMania World. His last national level appearance was the 2006 NPC National Championships where he finished 15th (in 2003 he placed 8th as a middleweight).

Richie seems to have THREE different websites: here, here and here.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lukáš Osladil: Arnold Amateur

Weighing in at 93kgs (almost 205 lbs) a week before the Arnold Amateur, 5'8" Lukáš Osladil from Prague in the Czech Republic, plans to compete as a light heavy (less than 198lbs) I believe.

Osladil, a 29 year old personal trainer at Kentoya Fitness, was the 2005 light heavy European Amateur Championship, placed 2nd at the World Amateur Championships in 2006, and then 7th at the Worlds last year. At the 2009 GP PEPA Opava he came in 4th. Back in 2007 he was part of the Euro Elite Tour, where he competed in Kaliningrad, Russia (placing a disappointing 8th), Tallinn, Estonia and Marseille, France (where he placed 2nd in both shows (behind IFBB pro Robert Piotrkowicz).

When he was young Lukas performed in a few explicit films under the pseudonym of Lukas Festa!

Alessandro Zuccaro: Arnold Amateur

Competing again as a welterweight in Columbus, Alessandro "Alex" Zuccaro, placed 3rd in the class last year. The 5'3" 35 year old from Pallanza, Italy had a good 2009 winning "la Notte dei Campioni," the Italian Night of Champions held in Sanremo:

Alex was also the winner of the 75kgs class at the Trofeo 2 Torri (but lost the overall to Alessandro Savi, or so I believe):

Alex has his own Facebook Fan Page and a website (which stopped my computer dead however so I wouldn't recommend visiting the latter)

And finally here's Alex back towards the beginning of February, about 3 weeks out from the Arnold:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Brothers Winklaar

Arnold Classic competitor Roelly Winklaar with his little brother Quincy, who'll also be competing in Columbus this year only in the Arnold Amateur, rather than the Classic (and hoping to emulate his brother's win from last year).

Photos by Matthias Busse over at Team-Andro.

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