Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mike Liberatore: Pro Debut in Phoenix

We haven't seen that much of Mike Liberatore since his 2008 NPC National Championships win in the heavies (he weighed at 213lbs at 5'8"). He took 2009 off from competition to grow and perform on the guest posing circuit, turning up at the likes of the Junior USA in May (where he looked massive so I've posted some shots below) and the Bluegrass Muscle Classic in October. Now at 32 years old he's making his pro debut in Phoenix and the big man has been talking with the folks over at RxMuscle and to gives some insights and glimpses (a must see 2 week out training video!) of the new package he'll be bringing to the table in a few weeks (there some some 2 week out shots on his website but they are pretty small unfortunately)!

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