Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rob Kreider: Vote Now!

Vote for Rob Kreider for Best Personal Trainer in DC at Washington, DC's City Paper:

"Robert Kreider is a highly skilled professional in his field and he is an inspiration as well. He has taught me how to care for and mold my body into the vision that I could only imagine at first in my mind. He has helped me make that vision into a reality. My body and spirit have changed dramatically because of training with him. If you are looking to change your life, your body, live a healthier and more inspired life you MUST train with this man! He has clients that travel more than an hr to train with him for a reason. Not only does he teach others to be the best they can be, he also lives a healthy life and challenges himself through the same training he preaches to his clients. Mr. Kreiders lifes passion is in helping his clients to transform their bodies and reach their ultimate goals. Do not hesitate to contact him to start your life changing journey to health and inspiration!"

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