Friday, April 2, 2010

Aaron Clark: Teen Muscle

I don't know how recent (or not) the above video is, but 5'7" Aaron Clark looks much thicker than in the clip or pictures below. Maybe it's the shaved head! And maybe he's the next Jeff Long?

In July 2008 then 19 year old 5'7" Aaron Clark from Fairfax, VA was the runner up in the teen light-heavy class at the Southern States and then a week later at the NPC Teen & Collegiate National Championships (Evelio Costales won the class and the overall at both shows).

Aaron has been's Teen of the Week, and posed for NorthAmericanBodies:

And then here's Aaron posing down for a shoot a day before the 2008 Teen Nationals, weighing in at 178lbs, with 17" arms, 45" chest and a 29.5" waist. Let's hope he competes again in 2010:

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